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Tax laws, continuous amendments, tax decisions, instructions, and fatwas are among the complicated things for investors and taxpayers in Egypt, and it is considered one of the biggest challenges facing companies, economic, commercial, industrial, and service organizations that affect the continuation of the company and the sustainability of achieving profits and operating employment We take care in the Office of Consultation Experience d. Salah El-Sharkawy and its CEH-INPACT participants provide a qualified team of tax experts of all kinds, who have extensive local and international experiences enabling them to provide the best advice and advisory services to clients regarding tax activities and various financial practices and obtain the best results for tax checks for customers Our main tax services include: - Tax advice for all types of taxes and the interpretation of international agreements to prevent double taxation - Preparing and reviewing periodic tax returns (VAT - source deduction tax - salary tax - withholding tax for international transactions - dividend tax) - Prepare, review and approve annual tax returns - Representing clients during a field examination of all different types of taxes (VAT - source deduction tax - salary tax and annual tax adjustments - withholding tax for international transactions - stamp duty - dividend tax) - Representing clients before tax disputes committees (internal committees - specialized committees - appeals committees - tax reconciliation committees) - Studying and examining the tax implications regarding mergers and acquisitions - Prepare tax planning to avoid future tax shocks and maintain the company's financial stability