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The multiplicity of economic and financial crises and the problems surrounding the auditing processes have pushed business owners, companies and rights to demand the highest level of transparency, so we at CEH - INPACT consultancy focused on audits with new scientific methods in order to ensure the integrity, independence, and high quality that distinguishes us. Areas of external audit services include the following Reviewing the financial statements Auditing the financial statements of clients with high accuracy is necessary to continue to work properly, and therefore the CEH Consulting House of Expertise acts as an independent audit office that acts as a reliable intermediary between business information providers, investors, rights holders and the state. Our work as external auditors includes complete and impartial audit, and it effectively eliminates any attempt of fraud, fraud, or fraud. As well as the ability to detect unintended errors affecting the financial statements submitted to stakeholders and rights, while doing a test examination of documents and evidence supporting the values and clarifications in the financial statements Accounting reports We help our clients by providing an accounting reporting service for the regular audit process tasks or special tasks that are assigned to us, with care on our part that during our audit of the financial statements everything related to the financial examination negligence also we provide consultations and settlements on accounting treatments, and we express our opinion in the lists Finance, frankly and clearly, about the financial position Other confirmation services The financial statements do not sufficiently reflect the opportunities and commercial and financial risks, so the client's need for other verification services increases day by day, it is useful and completely different from the traditional external audit, and independent verification processes give financial and non-financial information and transactions credibility to what the customer discloses, and examples That is a review of the internal control system and the internal procedures followed to implement it for the purpose of making sure of preparing and presenting the financial statements fairly and clearly.