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Book - Keeping - Register for all financial operations and adjustments Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial centres - Financial analyses of accounts and preparation of audit scales Organizing and participating in periodic and annual inventories - Submit reports on the activity results and deviations with monthly and periodical comparisons - Calculating the tax payable monthly, year and repayments - Follow up on social insurance, insurance forms and monthly payment Financing and capital - Helping companies and institutions obtain financing from banks or investment funds authorized to do so at the lowest possible costs - Helping companies and institutions in obtaining companies and investment funds to pump capital into companies to restructure or to meet expansion. - Providing management companies to operate companies and institutions in proportion to each activity Mergers and acquisitions - The office has tax experts, lawyers, financials and technicians who specialize in studying everything related to mergers and acquisitions between companies or companies and creating new entities that enjoy economic and financial strength. - The office has cooperation agreements with securities trading companies to transfer ownership of shares at the lowest cost and commission - The office has technical experts in the field of negating the unknown, examining government and non-governmental papers and documents Restructuring and liquidation - The office has technical experts, engineers, administrators and financial experts specializing in restructuring operations by studying the causes of losses and providing guidance and reports to convert companies from loss to profitability as well as studying the elements of operational and financing costs To achieve the required profit rates by reducing and rationalizing and expenses - We have experience in legal or judicial liquidation works because it is part of our periodic work due to the nature of clients ’exit from the market, disputes between partners, or financial stumbling that leads to difficulty or suspicion of lack of continuity. All this is done in accordance with the law and the provisions of the liquidation articles organized by the Commercial Law and the Companies Law Economic feasibility studies - We have CFA consultants and financial analysts who have certificates of financial analysis, as well as technicians and engineers for technical evaluation of machinery, equipment, construction and buildings, and in cooperation with other consulting and marketing offices we carry out integrated economic feasibility studies - We are preparing a specialized financial study to complete the economic feasibility study - Great experiences we gained from feasibility studies because it is a major part of the office’s work because of the nature of our services provided to the customer that start before the company’s establishment and take action to form it and conduct its activity Choosing the appropriate accounting software for the client's activity - We cooperate with SW companies specializing in the fields of production and development of computer programs specialized in accounting and financial programs, costs, warehouses, planning, document management, work flow and electronic archives, including our expertise and qualified human resources and trained in the areas of accounting and reference - We have a qualified work team to evaluate the accounting programs Preparing and studying standard and actual costs -We have specialists in preparing costs, both standard and actual, and showing deviations Correct deviations by intervening to develop the necessary solutions for that - Study the elements of costs and work to reduce and rationalize costs, which contributes to increasing profits or reducing losses - We make sure to link the results and reports of cost accounts with the accounts and financial results Training for employment and continuing education - We carry out training for employment by qualifying newly graduated accountants in the field of accounting and auditing to join our office or other offices or companies, as well as professional rehabilitation for inexperienced accountants to join our office or other offices or companies. - Give specialized courses in the Egyptian accounting standards and taxes to hone the skill and scientific qualification so that the accountant keeps pace with the Job market.